Monday, 25 March 2013

Restaurant Menu Analysis

1. McDonald’s Hotcakes
Current Nutritional Values
Calories (kcal) -> 557
Proteins (g) -> 9
Fat (g) -> 18
Saturated Fat (g) -> 5.8
Carbohydrates (g) -> 91
Sodiums (mg) -> 680
Cholesterol (mg) -> 20
Dietary Fibres (g) -> 3

The problem with the current McDonald’s hotcakes is that they have too much calories and sodiums. The amount of calories and sodiums should be cut down as it would be a healthy meal. Too much calories might result in obesity and if the amount of calories is reduced, consumers need not worry about being obese. Too much sodium will also cause the consumer to suffer from some diseases. So, I think that the amount of calories and sodiums should be cut down so as to give consumers a healthier meal.

2. KFC

Ingredients involved + Cooking techniques: 
Burger– Bread, deep fried chicken, lettuce, cheese, special sauce
Whipped Potato– Potato, gravy
Cheese Fries– Cheese, Mayonnaise, Chopped Fresh Spring Onions, Fried Potato

Health Hazards/Benefits: 
A lot of fried foods can lead to heavy oil/fat contents. This may cause the body to have too much fats which may lead to the clogging of arteries. 
Meat and carbohydrates are dominant in the menu, thus it is lacking appropriate amounts of fibre. Lack of fibre can cause constipation. 
The ‘sauces’ may have high sodium content which can lead to high blood pressure. 

Improvements to be made: 
Chicken can be grilled instead of deep fried, and if frying is used vegetable oil is a healthier alternative to regular oil. 
More vegetables can be added into the menu, for example in the burger (cucumbers, pickles). 
Sauces can use natural flavorings instead of artificial ones. 

3. Subway
What ingredients and cooking methods are used in the menu

  • bread
  • minced beef patties
  • cheese
  • mushroom
  • chicken
  • potatoes (fries)
  • lettuce
  • tomatoes

  • deep fry method is used
  • grilled

  1. Health hazards & benefits. 

  • fatty/ oily
  • High oil content -> fats

vegetables ->provide vitamins

  1. Improvements to be made

  • Use better cooking methods (grill/ steam)
  • Add less salt when cooking
  • Put more vegetables into the burgers

4. Burger King

Singles Mushroom Swiss Burger MEAL

MAIN BURGER: Singles Mushroom Swiss Burger
  • Addition of lettuce and tomato for more dietary fibre.
  • Instead of frying the beef patties, grill it or shallow fry it instead.

SIDE DISH: French Fries (M)
  • Prevent deep frying by shallow frying or baking the fries to reduce fat amounts.
  • Use vegetable or olive oil (less saturated (has more of the good cholesterol and won't clog up arteries)) to fry the dry.

DRINK: Coca Cola 
  • Drink Diet Coke instead as it contains less sugars.
  • Serve water or non-carbonated drinks instead.

By: Carissa, Desiree, Jemima, Justin

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