Monday, 25 March 2013

Bio Nutrition Analysis (Wai Kit, Ryan Tan, River, Farrell)

Macs, Texas Chicken, Burger King, Wendy's

1. McDonald’s- Fillet O’ Fish
Serving Size 156g
Calories (kcal) -> 470
Proteins (g) -> 15
Fat (g) -> 26
Saturated Fat (g) -> 5
Carbohydrates (g) -> 45
Sodiums (mg) -> 730
Cholesterol (mg) -> 50
Dietary Fibres (g) -> 1
Sugars 5g

This burger is made of fried fish and vegetable. Although fish is good for our health as it contains abundant proteins and unsaturated fatty acids, fried fish increases the heart attack risk to diners by almost 50 per cent. In contrast of drop off the risk of heart disease, frying the fish destroy the nutritional value of itself. Every fried food does no good for health certainly. It contribute to obesity and exaggerate the possibility of serious of disease.

  1. Burger king- Whopper
Serving Size 291g
Calories (kcal) -> 678
Proteins (g) -> 31
Fat (g) -> 37
Saturated Fat (g) -> 12
Carbohydrates (g) -> 45
Sodiums (mg) -> 911
Cholesterol (mg) -> 87
Dietary Fibres (g) -> 5
Sugars 12g

Whopper-With a single beef patty and lots of crunchy vegetables, in mayonnaise and tomato sauce. The whopper looks deceptively healthy. However, its ingredients contain a lot of preservatives, from the beef patty to the vegetables. It is also highly rich in sodium, calories and trans fats. 
This combination is a recipe for disaster which leads straight to obesity, along with increased risk of diabetes and cancer.

  1. Wendy’s- Beef Baconator
Serving Size 282g
Calories (kcal) -> 750
Proteins (g) -> 234
Fat (g) -> 29
Saturated Fat (g) -> 12
Carbohydrates (g) -> 45
Sodiums (mg) -> 1460
Cholesterol (mg) -> 100
Dietary Fibres (g) -> 3
Sugars 11g

Beef Baconator- High in saturated and trans fats, High in preservatives due to processed and preserved ingredients, extremely high in calories and sodium.
The combination of high sodium, fats and calories, leads to obesity easily. It also leads to increased risk of cancer due to preservatives and also type 2 diabetes. 
Regular consumption of burgers without anything else may lead to malnutrition due to lack of other vitamins not present in the burger, such as vitamin D.

  1. Texas Chicken- Tex Supreme
Serving Size 357g
Calories (kcal) -> 965
Proteins (g) -> 49
Fat (g) -> 62
Saturated Fat (g) -> 24
Carbohydrates (g) -> 57
Sodiums (mg) -> 720
Cholesterol (mg) -> 153
Dietary Fibres (g) -> 5
Sugars 14g

Tex supreme- Extra cheese inside this burger provide excess fat. Unsaturated fats are thought to reduce the cholesterol level in the blood. During food production, the high heat can convert the unsaturated fats into trans fats. The risk of coronary heart disease, certain forms of cancer (breast cancer) and conditions like diabetes will therefore increased. High blood pressure is also concerned.


One of the main ways that fast food restaurants cam make their menus healthier is to change the ingredients taht they use to make their burgers. For example, regular cooking oil can be replaced with olive oil or to simply reduce the amount of oil used. the portions of carbohydrates, vegetables and meat should also be changed to fit the food pyramid. This will ensure that consumers will get the right amounts of all nutrients. Also, fast food restaurants can change the drinks that they sell. Instead of coke or other carbonated drinks which contain lots of sugar, which are carbohydrates, these restaurants can introduce healthier alternatives like fruit juices, which will provide more vitamins.


By: Farrell Nah, Wai Kit, Ryan Tan, Pei Ming (River)

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